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From the old English “pisser” meaning something very unpleasant or painful. Local Massachusetts accent caused the “r” to be dropped and slang usage caused the meaning to be reversed, creating the word pissa.

An interesting development is that the Massachusetts accent also adds “r’s” to the end of words where they don’t belong. Consequently, people have started once again to say pisser.
That homerun Noma hit last night was pissa.
by WGN April 21, 2006
Slang for a $10.00 bill. Drawn from the Confederate State's $10.00 bill printed during the US Civil war. These bills had the word "Dixie" printed on their reverse side. Dixie being based on the Latin term of the number 10.
If you'r going to the game, you will need at least a Dixie for parking.
by WGN April 28, 2006
A corporate officer who is a favorate of the Board of Directors, and consquently, untouchable.
Employee #1: Wow, the new CFO is a real asshole.
Employee #2: Tough, he's a Board Fave.
Employee #1: I wonder if there is some way I can get on his team?
by WGN July 28, 2006
Someone who blocks the sidewalk because they cannot walk full speed and talk on their cell phones at the same time; nor, do they care.
Maria is a complete asshole when she walks down the side walk talking on her cell phone.
by WGN October 19, 2012
18th and 19th century term applied to a rotten carcus that has bloated and then actually burst open.
It's impossible to get oil from a blasted whale.
by WGN November 02, 2011
The word nuclear as pronounced by someone with a New England accent, such as John Kerry.
Kerry: "I have an idear regading nuclea enegy"

New England Democrate: I would never vote for Bush because he can't pronounce the word "nuclea". I don't like southerners because when they talk it sounds funny. Southern people are so wicked stupid, I can't frik'in believe it.
by WGN May 04, 2006
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