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2 definitions by WGBEntertainment

A phrase used to ridicule and annoy anyone who is angry or ranting on a forum. It's a mixture of the words "Lol u mad?"
and is written to give the raging poster the feeling that people are laughing at their anger. This is a very effective phrase in many gaming forums.
Poster: OMFG, Everything is so freaking OP(overpowered) and i can't do crap in PvP(Player vs. Player).

Replier: Lolumad?
by WGBEntertainment June 22, 2010
83 22
1:Whenever John Paul Larkin (Aka:The Scatman) died on December 3, 1999. December 3rd is now recognized as a Scatastrophic day.
Tom: Jill, did you know that The Scatman died the other day?!
Jill: Ohemgee Tom, that's a scatastrophe!
by WGBEntertainment June 29, 2010
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