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noun: a beer

Originated form the common phrase "throw me a bone" meaning to help someone out, but what could be more helpful than handing them an ice cold beer

can also be used as "bone throw" meaning a party or "dinosaur bone" meaning a large pitcher of beer
"I gotta stop at CVS and pick up a couple cases of bones"
"Are you having a bone throw at your place tonight?"
"Man I am thirsty someone throw me a bone!"
"Let head down to the bar, I heard they have five dollar dinosaur bones tonight"
"Tom is hammered he has been slamming bones all afternoon"
by weliketoparty October 22, 2013
1. get fucked, get out of here. used usually in anger.
2. sexy raver girl from toronto. megan getsick.
1. GET SICK you MOTHERFUCKER. if I EVER see you AGAIN, i'm going to MAKE YOU WISH you NEVER were BORN
2. did you see megGETSICK at the party last night? she looked SOO sexy.
by WELIKETOPARTY August 22, 2007

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