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1 definition by WEEEEZER

one of the most amazing and talented artists out there. he's earned his respect in the "rap community" more than anyone, and more than once. because of him we have 50 cent and D12. so what that he had help from Dr.Dre to make it in this world. he bases all his songs on past experiences. unlike many artists, eminem writes his own songs, and has earned a place in the "rap hall of fame" (if there even is one). he deserves all the respect and popularity he gets. And on top of being a rap phenominon, he takes the time to take care of three children (hailie jade- his own daughter, laney- his neice from an abusive family? and kims other 2 year old daughter).
eminem is the best and most amazing rapper and entertainer there is. he deserves every bit of respect that he has, and made his way from the top to the bottom of life. eminem ur amazing u practically saved my life!!
by WEEEEZER August 14, 2005