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3 definitions by WC-surfarmer

1. (noun) a large cart with wheels used for moving single or multiple poodles from one location to another
Cornelius: "Stanley, play time is over, will you bring the Poodle-Hopper into the rumpus room?"

Stanley: "Yes, immediately, sir"
by WC-surfarmer April 24, 2010
Pacific City, Oregon
Guy from Bend: "Lets go surf brohampton tomorrow!"
by WC-surfarmer April 24, 2010
(Noun) a wheeled cart used for moving large amount of vomit from one location to another, often used at large parties
"Brosepheimers gonna flail massive chunks stat, go get the vomithopper dingleflicker"
by WC-surfarmer May 07, 2010