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Jagerbongs-n. Jagerbongs are Bongs filled with jager instead of water or beer.
The smoke is like the red bull and the jager is like the jager. Creating a Jagerbongs.
The Jager is like the beer or water, and the smoke is like the red bull that makes it great.
by WAC ZOOBERRY June 27, 2010
BPH- stands for Beers per hour. The higher the BPH the more beer is needed for this person.
Person1. Hey whats your average BPH?
Person2. A little under 36.
Person1. Shit we are going to need more beer.
by WAC ZOOBERRY July 08, 2010
The igloo is on fire- saying
It is another way of saying when shit hits the fan
Or away to describe there is a problem.
Problem1. Power went out.
Person1. The igloo is on fire.
Person2. That cant be good.
by WAC ZOOBERRY July 17, 2010
BP- is short for Black People
Guy1. BP is a huge problem.
Guy2. Yea I know all the oil in the Gulf is terrible.
Guy1. No Black People have been causing a rukus outside my house.
Guy2. Oh Word.
by WAC ZOOBERRY July 04, 2010

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