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Capital of the horrendously powerful federation, United Arab Emirates. Has the country's largest oil reserves, that lead a very powerful economy there. Not as progressive/explosive as Dubai, but a very beautiful and prosperous city nonetheless. Mentioned in the "Garfield and Friends" cartoon when Garfield threatened Nermal with the famous "I'm going to ship you to Abu Dhabi!"
Preson 1: "I went to the UAE on vacation. Although I spent most of my time in Dubai, I checked Abu Dhabi out too because it is the seat of government there, and a beautiful city"

Person 2: "That place sounds familiar! I know, Garfield always talked about it on his cartoon!"
by W.C's own June 25, 2006
Core average height for men in the U.S. Considered ideal by many because they aren't typecast as "napoleon" like short guys are, nor are they expected to be aggressive like tall guys are "large man complex."
My boyfriend is five-foot nine, which is the ideal male height.
by W.C's own June 25, 2006
The tallest building in the world, upon completion in 2008. It looks like a huge ass syringue; it's tight as hell. Burj Dubai will be about as tall as the Empire State Building stacked on top of itself.
Person 1: I'm booking my flight to Dubai this fall!

Person 2: If I were you, I'd wait till the Burj Dubai goes up... imagine the view from the 160th floor!!
by W.C's own June 26, 2006

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