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jelly like stuffy animal that just likes to cuddle. normally killed at first sight.
Look, a poring. where? whoops. i poked it.
by W September 12, 2003
The patented SHOOTER move. Also see, self suck job.
Shooter pulls the angry cobra on his lunch breat in his 330i.
by W November 01, 2004
Def: Always An Alcoholic
Pat- I haven't drank in two days
W- what did you join AA
Pat- No AAA
Pat-Always an alcoholic, i just opened a bottle
by W February 15, 2005
means nothing, but proves so much about those posers
wtf is wrong with the f'n tennis bitches, think they're struggling with the cock in their mouths
by w February 02, 2005
a gay ass word that only bitches use
potato is stugglin to get his dick out of brewskies ass, while he's geting taken by a tennis racket
by w February 02, 2005
Weapon used to prevent wars
If we had Saddam Hussein's n00dz, there wouldn't have been a war.
by W January 19, 2004
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