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During a bj the girl puts an ice cube in her mouth
"Yo Jess I was getting a bj from my gf the other day and she put an ice cube in her mouth and it was baller"

" Good ole ice cube trick"
by Wønderbread January 25, 2010
When in desperate need for cash, you resort to getting it by any means necessary. Most of the time you work by performing hand jobs, or blow jobs for anything you can get. In desperate cases you work for $15 an hour or $10 a load.
"Yo hows Jeanne paying for college?"
"I heard shes Working the Block.
"Working girl?"
"Hell yeah"
"Dude thats hawt, how much she charging?"
"About $10 a load."
by Wønderbread January 24, 2010
During a blow job, the male sticks his dick so far in the chick's throat she vomits.
I was getting a bj the other day and ended up going in too far and ended up getting Swedish Leftovers.
by Wønderbread January 24, 2010

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