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Another way of sayin your tha bomb,or tha shit
damn,that fool is so yes, or IM SO YES
by W@Zgood March 22, 2009
another word for blue balls or any other unpleasant sharp pain on your nuts.
donnie:"Damn fool, my nutz is killin today.

donnie:"Fuck, my nuts is still killin.
by w@Zgood May 29, 2009
Double Deuces are another way of saying 22s for a rim size. When you see, lets say a cutlass, it could be sittin on Double Deuces.
Darnell:"Yo check out them Double Deuces".

Sean:"Darnell, I had Double Deuces like them but better".
by w@Zgood March 31, 2009
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