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The Ultimate English Language Loophole. Absolutely marvelous. This is how it works.

1. Take any word from english, noun, verb, adverb, etc.

2. Put that word in the blank and say it aloud. Add a middle finger for more effect.

No matter what word you put, it is ALWAYS going to be considered a verb now.
Quietly this bitch! <^>

Shut this bitch! <^>

Cow this bitch! <^>

Revolution this bitch! <^>
by W/e March 10, 2005
For communists peaceful is a bonus, but they wont hesitate to turn to violence to ensure the success of the revolution.

"They just want to give you what you need and take away the shit that you don't need" is a stereotype.

Puritan commies take all the resources and divide them up between everyone, and then expect everyone to work just out of the goodness of their hearts.

Realistic commies nationalize every form of business/industry and then standardize prices at the lowest possible level, and pay everyone what their job is worth to the state.

They're the two broad ways.

You have Mensheviks & Bolsheviks, who approach the revolutions differently

and u have Marxists, Leninists, and Stalinists, who all have different ideas about what to do after the revolution.
For people that trys to use it as a insult means that they do not know what is what for example: does not know who wrote the communist manifesto; what the difference is between communism, socialism, and marxism and what was the mccarthy era.
by W/e March 24, 2005
To get out of the habit, a small quantity, a little; somewhat.

Scottish slang: A large amount (opposite of tickie)
A multitude. A good many. Loads.

She's trying to wheen herself off Coffee.
She is still wheening off Coffee.
I think she wheened off coffee.

Scottish slang: Fuxache, err's a wheen a fowk in here the night!
by W/e October 26, 2005
Shortened Version of "Shut the Fuck up!" Used commonly by people in Britan and England, also on such things like AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger.

Literally, they are telling you to bang that girl more quietly, producing less orgasms. Go bang that person who said STFU with a crowbar in the ass.
Guy: "STFU"
Guy 2: "You go fuck it, or I shove a crowbar up yo hole!"
Guy: "What? Go Rape a bus!"
by W/e March 09, 2005
Weapons in a variety of ways, including the all popular Assault Rifle. However other weapons exsist.
Usually used to describe weapons that auto-fire, a full automatic weapon.
Assault Rifle
Metal Knuckles
Butterfly Knife
Condoms during rape(INEXSISTANT)
One of those Fucking Machines yo find being sold an ebay by sum old bitch.
by W/e March 14, 2005
A person that is gay and strait.
Attracted to both genders.
by W/e March 24, 2005

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