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In Ireland (Westmeath)(where i'm from)we call townies ''skangers'' but I'm writin bout dem in the townie section coz more people will see it. Skangers are the scum of the earth. they are faggot motherfuckers who think they're hard coz they can beat people up (this will only happen if you come by a group of them, if they are on their own you can beat the livin piss out of him with one punch).
Appearance: UGLY. Their faces are mangled from all the fights they get themselves into. They wear tracksuit bottoms with names like nike, adidas, kappa etc. and a hoodie with a logo on the front and they are usually white. higher class skangers will wear checked shirts. they wear baseball caps(usually nike) at a ridiculously vertical angle on their heads and have a greased fringe spiked up. Their shoes are always white and more than likely made by nike. The female skangers look like pure slappers. they wear short skirts and runners or high heeled hooker boots and a skimpy top or else a hoodie with a pointless logo. they have greasy hair and huge hooped earrings and are usually smoking.
Habitat: usually they gather in groups outside supermacs or macdonalds or whatever or sometimes can be seen in parks at night doin drugs, drinkin, smokin, rapin girls or beaten up innocent passer-bys.
Like to:Beat up metalheads, goths, grungers, moshers or anybody with black clothes. I play in a metal band so im an increased target.
They listen to dance music(if you can call it music, all it is is umph-tisss umph-tisss.....
They smoke all the time and if its not fags its hash and they usually deal drugs too.
They cant talk properly and they always try to talk like ALI-G and many of them have stutters.
They usually carry around knives for fights and if they dont they will throw stones at you.
They deserve to die and fucking rot in hell.
Skanger:Ya staaartin!?
Me: No
Skanger:Ya aare! Ya wanna fight!?
Me: No
Skanger: Fuck youz mosher! Oil kill ya!
Me: Fuck off!
Skanger: Dats it! Howld on til oi ring me mates n oil fuckin kill ya!!!

Why the fuck do the wankstains ask you to wait for them to get their friends just so they can beat you up?!!
by Vyle's drummer November 10, 2004

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