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Jellies are skinny rubbery bracelets, that come in many colors.
Jellies have been a part of counter -culture/80s mod/and alternative fashion for years now.

Black was the original jelly color of the 80s, when jellies originated. Many Goths and Punks still wear them.

Lately just because some teens labeled them, does not orinally make them what they seem.
They are now seen as sex accessories, the fad will pass.

Teenyboppers once again picked up on counterculture fashion. Ohh great!
The use of Jelly Bracelets with sexual meanings will soon pass.
by VX December 12, 2003
short for "Canada Kicks Ass".
"Canada sucks though."
by VX October 15, 2003
The caziest guy on the UTDC hub
Dude tht VX dude is disturbing.
by VX December 02, 2004
An endangered indian specie due to urbanization. The last one is actually living in "Fort Apache".
The Timo Tehuelche specie is a sub specie of the most general wimpa species.
Oh Timo, the last tehuelche.
by vx February 08, 2005
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