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a place for storing one's wang in between battles.
Your mom is a total wang scabbard.
by Vulva Hammer April 12, 2010
an instrument similar to the air guitar...played in a similar fashion but utilizing a stroking motion instead of a strumming motion.
dude 1_your sister plays the air penis well because she's an expert at the real deal.
by Vulva Hammer October 16, 2010
general area of anatomy where balls, wiener and taint are located.
I got hit in the junkular region by a line drive.


I accidentally got part of my junkular region caught in my zipper.
by Vulva Hammer May 03, 2010
A display of macho posturing. Most often perpetrated by an individual of the lowest testicular caliber.
"Check out that fucker with the napoleon complex working the nutflex on the bouncer....what a douche."
by Vulva Hammer September 21, 2010
the act of fisting someone elbow deep, thus reducing the subject to muppet status
i gave Ryan's girlfriend the filthy muppet while he was passed out at the party.
by Vulva Hammer September 03, 2010
a huffer of grundle. a kiss ass. a suck up.
Here comes the president now. With his cabinet of advisors and grundle huffers in tow.
by vulva hammer June 27, 2011
1. slang for penis or dildo which has been or will be used in anal sex.

2. an excellent name for people who fuck others over. (see prick, asshole, douche and their variant forms)
1. i work at a porn store selling handcuffs and butt wands to people.

2. my boss at the porn store is a total butt wand.
by Vulva Hammer April 17, 2011

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