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the incredible sinking feeling leading up to and devastating depression following the finale of the hit TV show LOST, leaving you fulfilled knowing it's over, yet so very empty, because, well, it's over.
Person 1: I'm kind of concerned about Adam today...do you know what's wrong?
Person 2: Do YOU know that LOST ended last night so that's why he's locked himself in his room, turned off the lights, and continues to say the numbers as he cries himself to sleep?
Person 3: Oh yeah, my doctor warned me about post-LOSTdom depression... I told him not to worry because I watch Grey's Anatomy and that makes me cry all the time. So then I said he should probably worry about that...

Person 1: You should probably not ask Janell to do much today. Or Kim. Or Shawna. Or Andy. Or. Terry. Or any LOST fan for that matter. They're suffering from post-LOSTdom depression.
Person 2: Maybe they could just start watching House...?
Person 1: Shut your face. You really don't get it. They practically lived on that island.
by VreeSquibcakes May 23, 2010
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