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Apparently it's anyone who doesn't spend all his time and money at the bar every night, someone who doesn't feel the need to get laid every five seconds, anyone who doesn't make a million dollars a day, someone who's at home for more than two hours a day, anyone over the age of 12 who still lives at home with his parents, and anyone who's ever touched a computer or videogame.
What do you mean you're not going out tonight? You must be some loser without a life
by Vostok July 25, 2005
An online "virtual world" that's notorious for accounts being hacked, where users constantly bug others to gift them in-game items (which cost real life money), where users with a "resident's account" (paid subscription) will cut down casual and new users, forgetting that spending more time with a pointless virtual world doesn't make you a better person. Then there's the people who are as old as teens and young adults asking others to roleplay as their kids or parents. Yes you read that right. Teens and young adults playing house in the internet.

However, when you get past all that, Ourworld does have quite a selection of simple flash arcade and puzzle games (much like newgrounds and gametop), and the fully customizable avatar-based interface is quite awesome.
I'm bored, I'm going to play on ourworld for a bit.

Resident: Fuckin N00B
Me: Buddy, get a life. It's just a pointless game
by vostok November 05, 2011
music, clothing trends etc (and the people who follow them) that are pre-manufactured heavily commercialized by big businesses
that kid with the slipknot t-shirt is mallcore
by Vostok March 13, 2005
A moderator, Usually a highly stupid or unliked one
The modtards on my favorite message board were on one of their stupid little power trips again
by Vostok July 12, 2006
A newborn human offspring.
what a cute little baba.
by vostok May 20, 2007
To be apart of ANY form of group/culture/community
Social undesirables tend to conform to alternative subcultures.
by Vostok August 31, 2005
The Act of going into towns and begging for food until your packs and bags are full, similar to how a hamster stuffs it's cheeks with food
The term Hamstering was coined when starving German soldiers during world war 2 went to towns and begged for food until their packs were full of food
by Vostok February 14, 2005

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