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4 definitions by Voodoomouse

This Irish origin phrase is most commonly spelled in all caps. It is the exclamation meant for the most badass party ever. Often said as an excitement booster for the party to come, or yelled at those who stand between you and the keg. Wyatt Montgomery, soon to be published poet from Asheville North Carolina, coined the phrase along with the aid of those of whom he parties with on a regular basis.
a: Dude, are you ready for the brutality that is to come tonight?

b: <epic glare>

a: Dude? C'mon man, let me hear it!

a+b: PARTYGODDAMNHELLYEAH!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOO!!!! <body slam> (if necessary)
by Voodoomouse July 17, 2010
We are all familiar with superstitions. But some pertain specifically to stoners.

Stoners and potheads alike have their worries and thoughts on bad luck, especially when it comes to white lighters. Some stoners though, brush it off and claim that it is just a dumb stonerstition.
<Stoner> Dude, you got a spark?

<Pothead> Yeah man here ya go! (hands white lighter over)

<Stoner> Oh cool tha--(wipes hands, gets up) DUDE, that's bad luck man what are you doing with a white lighter?!

<Pothead> Bullshit man, that's just a stonerstition.
by Voodoomouse April 12, 2011
A Pi Lam slam is in reference to the fraternity: Pi Lambda Phi.

It is a noun used to refer to a girl that has slept with AT LEAST 4 members of Pi Lambda Phi. Some will stop at 3 just to avoid the bestowment of the term, in which case they may be referred to as "one to go".
Brodysseus: Hey man, how far off is Cindy?

Brochacho: One more to go as of last night.

Brodysseus: Inching close to the Pi Lam Slam, haha.
by Voodoomouse August 17, 2011
A term representing the grammar of the 'bro'. Words that combine 'bro' within the word are combro words, such as 'combromise' and the like.
Bro: Hey broham, what's crackin?

Fratslice: Not a whole lot Brostradamus. I've recently made a grammatical observation.

Bro: Is that so my fellow Polo enthusiast?

Fratslice: Why yes. You see, those compound or combo words that we use which include 'bro' are...COMBRO words!

Bro: Bump it -presents fist-

Fratslice: -obliges fist bump request-
by Voodoomouse June 07, 2011