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to chill the beanz, to keep their collective temperature sub-zero. Can also refer to a person "ripping shit up".
"Did you see Joe Goggins throwing out some old-skool krumpin' earlier, it was like he was absolutely keepin' the beanz icy in the 504!"
by VoodooJazzCafe August 24, 2009
Slang for £5. Derived from an interview with Kieran Webster, bassist with Dundonian rock band The View, in which he stated that if he were to organise his own music festival, the cost of admission would be 'only a fiver'. This was just one of a number of outrageous claims he made about the festival; he also claimed that there would be 'free helicopters for everybody' and that revellers would receive a 'goody bag full of goodies on the way in', although he failed to give any further information on the nature of said goodies.
Just copped Omar Souleyman's seminal record 'Highway to Hassake: Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria' for a Webster. This is that magical hot shyt fuck Headhunterz yo
by VoodooJazzCafe February 28, 2011
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