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4 definitions by Voodoo

The most beautiful girl in the whole world nothing can replace her shes very nice loving and caring and has the best smile and laugh she can always make you laugh and smile till your cheeks fall off shes the best kind of woman you can meet and she will never hurt you and will always love everything about you she makes a very good girlfriend with her hot bod and her sexy lips ;) and her perfect hair everything about Alexis is perfect
Alexis is so perfect.
by VooDoo July 29, 2013
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Stands for Real Nigga #1.
You just slapped a cop in the face, told Al Sharpton to cut is hair, and demanded that Obama needs to stop lying? You RN#1.
by vOoDoO July 11, 2013
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Somebody who is exceptionally good at using google.com search engine. Rhymes with Hooligan
That gooligan guy digs up everything I ask for.
by voodoo March 01, 2005
6 9
A cult within the confines of Key West that brings death and destruction to little bunnies and preps. A gothic group, we rule supreme. Now, Kwy West High School...next the world!!!
YM: For we are all in your mom.
by Voodoo February 25, 2005
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