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Sadness, depression, or general anxiety caused when someone with little money, whether a college student, jobless college graduate, or just a general ghetto fool, who is forced to pay for something (relatively) expensive.

Extreme money-sadness is defined as money-depression.
I had to pick up that $70 tab last night when we played Credit Card roulette, and after I checked my bank account this morning I was totally money-sad. *sigh*

I'm gonna go lay on the floor until it goes away or turns into money-depression. *sigh*
by Von Nieda February 23, 2009
Currently over 3 million people in the US suffer from money-depression. Over %25 of people in the US have at one time suffered from money-depression. Usually money-depression is alleviated when someone suffering from the syndrome publicly attacks someone of a higher social standing.
Charles: My extreme money-depression has led me to sell my summer house, dear chap.

John: Fuck you, I have fucking $20 in my bank account and two eviction notices taped to my door! Go to hell and die you Brit Money-anus!
by Von Nieda February 23, 2009

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