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It is the most behind time place I have ever been to. There are alot of narrow minded individuals . Especailly the ones who grew up here their entire life. I have not met one who seems intelligent. A bunch of SC people are copy cats and they can't think for themselves. I HATE the phrase "Its a southern thang, yall wouldn't understand." and I can barely make out what some say when they talk all southern country crap junk!. Fun for them is hanging out at gas stations,mud riding, and talking the talk but NEVER walking the walk. There FAKE!all they care about is your status, where you live, what you drive, how you act and a bunch of meaningless BS. They dont want to get to know you as a person. People are WEIRD and VERY! STRANGE HERE!!! I suggest that you have a better chance in the deep south than here in SC! by the way USC SUCKS!
South Carolina... see for yourself.
by Von Blane February 23, 2008

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