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Term describing nude Powerpuff Girls. AKA Powerpuffs in the Buff, Naked Puffs, Nudie Puffs, Powerpuff hentai, Powerpants Girls, etc. Can be applied to the girls in sexual situations, dressing, or just being in their birthday suits with no ill or perverse intentions.
Volt: Hey look I found some PPG porn. D: They be litle Buff Puffs.
Cem: They look like little hands. D:
Volt: Holy crap. They do! O.o
by Volt November 08, 2004
Cem: A. An abbreviation of Cemetery Gates. B. Volt's love machine. C. A beautiful artist. D. Hater of the "Bilbo Baggins" song.
Guy: Hey Cem. How are you?
Cem: STFU!
by Volt November 08, 2004

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