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2 definitions by Volleyball Blaiser

The act of using crutches at lightning fast speed. Most likely used when you have a broken leg or ankle and you need crutches, and people are yelling at you to hurry up.
Guy 1: "Dude! Hurry up, I need to get to class and your crutching too slow!"

Guy 2: "Hey, I'm going as fast as I can!"

Guy 3: "Come on, man, Turbocrutch!!"
by Volleyball Blaiser September 30, 2011
18 2
To pop something in the microwave, and then leave. Then to suddenly drift back towards the microwave just in time to when it hits 0. Basically, to be able to tell when your food is done, just by your intuition.
"Hey, why does Joe always get his food so quickly?"

"He has microwave intuition"
by Volleyball Blaiser October 05, 2011
8 0