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Male Genitalia - The Cock, the Dick, the Penis! etcetera etcetera
From "The Penis Song" - in Monty Python's movie - The Meaning of Life! -
"Isn't it awfully nice to have a penis?
Isn't it frightfully good to have a dong?
It's swell to have a stiffy,
It's divine to own a dick.
From the tiniest little tadger
To the world's biggest prick!
So three cheers for your willy or John Thomas.
Hooray for your one-eyed trousers snake.
Your piece of pork, YOUR WIFE'S BEST FRIEND
Your Percy or your cock.
You can wrap it up in ribbons,
You can slip it in your sock.
Just don't take it out in public,
Or they will put you in the dock
...And you won't - come - back ! "
by Volcanoe Joe January 21, 2009
Somebody who cannot bear to part with their loved one at a funeral. They literally cling to the loved-one's coffin/casket until its prised from their hands....
"What's the silly bitch doing?"
"She's mounting the coffin, he dont need that no more, honey, he's dead! Get over it you coffin hugger!"
by Volcanoe Joe January 21, 2009

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