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When the music is so loud in a commercial you can't understand the announcer.
"That restaurant looked good, did you get the address?" "Naw, sorry, it was a total Voice under."
#voice over #announcer #commercials #promo #spot #tag
by VoiceofTJ July 24, 2012
A coin operated machine that takes you money, but does not give you the product.
I put a dollar fifty in that soda machine, but it didn't give me my drink! Damn thing is totally coinivorous!
#carnivorous #change-stealing #rip off #vending machine #parking meter
by VoiceofTJ July 27, 2012
Someone who talks like they are a serious martial artist, but possessing little to no skills.
Teddy talks a good game, but get him into the octagon and he's a total non-ja.
#weak #loser #big mouth #braggart #unskilled
by VoiceofTJ July 24, 2012
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