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STU Fighter is a Slide To Unlock Fighter. A person who tries to unlock the Iphone and spend five or more attempts to slide the button to unlock.
The first three days used to be a STU Fighter when I bought an Iphone
by Vodka soldier April 14, 2011
It is usually used to clean up the asshole more clearly(in particular not the out side of anal but the inside). First you pierce a toilet paper with your finger to the bottom. Second you wipe off your asshole inside but you don't have to be afraid of some feces on the finger. Third you must use another hand and enfold the paper to make it lie on the finger with shit. Forth you give a wipe to the finger pulling out through the hole.
AH1: Hm, your finger smells bad. Did you stick your finger in the ass???
AH2: No. I just made the shit finger.
AH3: Ah, thats ok then.
by Vodka soldier January 14, 2011

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