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Definition 1:

To agree.

"Word" comes from the english saying "my word" which in turn comes from "I give you my word". Meaning that a statement is right and you would be willing to put your honor on the line to back it up.

Definition 2:

To question.

Once again, this comes from "my word". When one says "word" as if asking a question, he or she is asking if the person that made the statement would swear to it.
Example 1:

Person 1: "Man having chapped lips is annoying."
Person 2: "Word." (meaning I agree and I would swear to it)

Example 2:

person 1: "I had corn for dinner last night!"
Person 2: "Word?!" (meaing would you swear by it)
by Vladk December 06, 2005
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