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The state of a penis right after intercourse with a vagina in her period.
I didn't notice she was in her period so I went ahead and banged her without a condom, she gave me the worst case of blood sausage ever!
by Vizantieca November 02, 2010
The tiny balls of crusty shit on the tip of your ass hair.
Garry: A word of advice - never go to sleep with an itchy ass.
Julie: Why?
Garry: Because you'll wake up with ass raisins stuck under your nails.
by Vizantieca November 02, 2010
Originaly a very cheap brand of clothes, imitation of Adidas(even using the same logo and similar name) that has become a synonym for all kinds of cheap, vietnamese, turkish and chinese clothing imitations.
Girl#1: Look at Jerry, wearing that piece of shit Dolce & Gabbana imitation!
Girl#2: I know it's totaly Odibos!

Guy#1: Hey, Jerry, is that a real D&G shirt or is it just Odibos?
Jerry: It's the real deal!
Guy#1: Yeaaah right! I saw you buying it from that gypsy at the 1$ shop!
Jerry: OK, you got me! I also bought these snickers from the same vendor, they are supposed to be the Mercedes of imitations.
by Vizantieca November 01, 2010
Latin phrase which means "Why do you cry, witness?" but also means "Come in penis, testicle" when transliterated to Bulgarian.
Latin Teacher: Cur fles Testis??
Bulgarian student: But we barely know each other ma'am!
by Vizantieca November 01, 2010

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