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Someone who looks up the pages of under-18s on Wikipedia.
If you look up Ramona Marquez or Chloe Moretz on Wikipedia before they turn 18, you're a Wikipaedophile.
by Vixter Frerard April 05, 2014
That tired, ugly face people get when they've just woken up in the morning. It's also just as common to get morning face after waking up from a nap. People with morning face may also have morning hair. They will have bags under their eyes/dark circles around their eyes, a slouched posture, and pouty lips. Their skin may also appear paler/greenish or yellowish, as if they are sick, but it is more common to just be a little paler.
My brother: Hey, Vicky - OH, MY GOD, IT'S JEFF THE KILLER!
Me: Chillax, bitch, it's just my morning face.

(Whenever I grin with my morning face, I actually do look like JTK.)
by Vixter Frerard March 04, 2014
To do something ridiculously hard with incredible ease and/or to make it look incredibly easy.
Other person: *Climbs up Mt Everest with nothing but a broken twig and a sandwich in the space of a minute*
Me: Damn, you really Steve Ouimetted (Pronounced Wee-Mayd) that.
by Vixter Frerard January 31, 2014
Someone who fishes something back out the Recycle Bin.
Me: Whatcha doin', man?
Friend: Just getting this file I accidentally deleted from the Recycle Bin.
Me: LOL, you tech tramp.
by Vixter Frerard January 30, 2014
The saviours of our universe. Sluts are my least favourite kind of people. They're SO annoying and SO in denial. It's even worse when they're not in denial, though. It's not something you should be proud of.
Slut: I just had sex with a random stranger!
Me (Slut-shamer): Eww, you filthy disgusting slut!
Slut-defender: It's her right as a woman! Sexist, even though you're a girl yourself!
Me: Alright, fruitcake, two fucking things. First of all, there is such thing as a male slut, and second of all, if you think that one of the best attributes of a woman is to fuck as many people as possible, then YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, mistah - are the sexist. And actually, it's also sexist to assume that all sluts are women. Off you skedaddle.
by Vixter Frerard February 10, 2014

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