4 definitions by VivaladanN

A female who loves the cock and almost always rides on top during sex.
Man that chick is such a cock jockey. She sleeps with everyone.
by VivaladanN March 30, 2005
Term for the sexual act of fellatio while the performing has a snuff in.
I talked that girl into giving me a chewcacca last night.
by VivaladanN March 30, 2005
I thought I made this word up but it means someone who loves the cock. Usually used as a derrogative.
Man you are such a cock nazi.
by VivaladanN March 30, 2005
Fuck me pants. Usually and tight fitting pants where you can see camel toe.
Look at the fmp's on that chick.
by VivaladanN March 30, 2005

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