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1 definition by Viva Lumos!

He isn't so "conventionally" handsome, but he has something (a BIG something) about him that makes girls swoon. His charm, his accent, his humor, his friendliness, his talent, his down-to-Earthness make him what a lot of women crave. He really does have great looks, and he is an amazingly sexy guy, though he is not the typical kind of sexy, which is what I love. He is something different. Though, he still is a sex God. He is quirky and really interesting. Daniel is an immensely talented actor, who is mostly known for his portrayal of Harry Potter. He starred in the play Equus in London and Broadway and was absolutely brilliant in it, proving that he can be versatile in his roles.
If you want to find out more about Daniel Radcliffe, you should watch some of his interviews on YouTube.
by Viva Lumos! August 15, 2009