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A name given to certain famales of Great Britain who are opurtunistic , artisitic and beautiful in every sense of the word. Such people are often attracted to japanese anime and find happiness in life's simple things such as glue stick or beans or cellotape.

Watch out world , pinkisnoopy will one day become a world wide phenomenon

Pinkisnoopy is therefore a noun. It has been made by a combination of two separate nouns. Pinki and snoopy.
Below are examples of the noun in use.
Pinkisnoopy is every girl's dream

pinkisnoopy's friends are glad that she exists
Pinkisnoopy had dinner with me yesterday.
by Vitsy August 16, 2010
Glue stick can be used as a cover for rude or suggestive activities which would be inappropriate for all audiences. However , the reader may be pleased to know that I have the true definition for it.

Glue stick is merely a simple pritt stick which when mentioned to certain individuals causes much hysteria and laughter as they remember a time when life was simple with no stress of girlfriends , boyfriends or exams.

The word glue stick is really a symbol for friendship and a time of innocence and naivity which is hard to find in the big bad world.
Person 1 : Glue stick!!!

by vitsy August 16, 2010
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