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2 definitions by Vitamin D

Mutually Assured Destruction is the term used when one country launches nuclear warheads against another and that country retaliates in kind, resulting in the destruction of both much like the Fallout series. This theory is usually in association with the fail: deadly prodecure.
Dont nuke America cause they is M.A.D.!!
by vitamin D April 26, 2012
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Taking a huge shart into someones throat hole, plugging the hole with your cock, filling her mouth with cheese and suffocating her with a glad garbage bag until the poo oozing around your shaft causes you to jizzum. Usually, she is thanked with a swift kick to the snatch (longer toe nails = more points).
There is nothing better than the Deelal on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I told her, it's either the Deelal or the wedding is off.

Anything that sounds like Deelal is amazing!
by Vitamin D October 19, 2007
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