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Cheap crappy weed. Usually moldy and full of seed. very dark in color and smells musty. Usually sold to idiots as Tai weed. Its usually processed by soaking the weed in some type of alcohol to cure it and produce an even spread of thc crystals.
"wanna buy some tai? guy?...nice and cheap"
"get that fucking shitty BogWeed out my face. Thats got more seeds than a McDonalds Hamberger and it smells like old trainers. Go on..pissoff, biatch!"
by Vitaloverdose April 08, 2006
Glastonbury is the closest city to the Pilton Festival Of Performing Arts, otherwise known as the Pilton Pop Festival and incorrecly known as the Glastonbury Festival.
Pilton is 15 miles away from Glastonbury.
Unfortunatley the once beautiful City of Glastonbry the ancient isle of Avalon is constantly overrun by wankers who after 3 days of very badly played music, hallucinogenic drugs, mud and muggings that they are never going to leave. As there is nothing but a few cottages and some frightened residents (and no social security office) so the tree hugging tosspots (or hedgers as know locally) then head out of the countryside into the city Glastonbury where they do nothing but tell everyone they they should get back to nature.While simultaniously trying to move 6 of their dickhead friends into your garden shed to set up a comune.
They then get a heroin problem and die.
"hey dude ive just been dropped off ,is this Glastonbury? wheres the festival? Peace.."
"Its 15 miles up the road you twat! so why dont you peace off and do your fire juggling somewhere else. And stop banging those god damn drums. Fuckin Rizla Executives!"
by Vitaloverdose April 08, 2006

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