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Another name for a female orgasm.
I thought it was raining when I had sexy with Cindy when she had a poon monsoon!
by VisexXxEvans April 19, 2010
A girl or guy who isn't exactly the best looking, worst looking, or your type, but looks decent enough to talk to, flirt with, or even start a relationship with. On a scale, a girl considered date-able would commonly considered a 6/10.
Karl: That girl you were picking up on last night wasn't hot at all,I'd give her a 6/10!

Trevor: Whatever, she's still date-able so it's good.
by VisexXxEvans July 01, 2009
The coolest dude in the world. If you make him mad, he will put his balls on your forehead.
That guy over there is such a dirk funk. I want to be just like him!
by VisexXxEvans June 30, 2009
A step-by-step tactic for men at trying to win the affection of a woman. It's called a blitzkrieg because it forces a guy to accomplish quick goals in short periods of time to accomplish the main goal of "seducing" the woman in a week's time.
Vise was so into Maria that he used the Blitzkrieg Approach on her to avoid making any mistakes such as losing her attraction for him.
by VisexXxEvans March 14, 2010
A word used by educated peoples in order to justify a prior act of stupidity.
A Radio DJ comes to work dressed in a hot dog suit. When a listener named Vise Evans sees this on the internet web camera, he calls in to the station.

Vise: Dude, you are a fool for doing that. *Laughs*

Radio DJ: No-ignorance!!

Vise: Okay man, I guess you're covered.
by VisexXxEvans July 01, 2009
The female equivalent to "cock-block". The 'g' in vag doesnt have a 'j' sound.
Fat Broad: "That blonde thinks she gonna' take that hottie home? Well it's time for me to vag snag her ass!"
by VisexXxEvans April 19, 2010
A word used by educated black teens meaning an obscene-acting African American. When an educated black teen sees another do something ignorant, he will use this term in order to strike his point across in a humorous way.

This term originated when Trevor Phillips first learned about the country Montenegro from a native of that country who was visiting the California State University East Bay. He wondered about what the people called themselves. He came up the theory that they must be called "Montenegrins". Telling people about this rather humorous word, his friend Karl Rogers II shortened it to emphasize the funniest part of the word.

In no way is this word as a racial reference; It originated from the mind of an African American teenager.
Karl sees Trevor yelling out in public for no apparent reason.

Karl: Wow, you're acting like a fool right now ya' Negrin.

*Trevor laughs*
by VisexXxEvans July 01, 2009

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