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A used-to-be Southern place.
Northern Vriginia used to be cultured and refined and genteel like the rest of Virginia and the South. Now its a bland, vanilla milkshake yuppyized Starbucks fragment of what it used to be. Northern Virginia used to look to RICHMOND- NOT D.C. as its cultural reference points. In the last 30 years or so, it has become a cultural void full of NEW MONEYED tranpslants who lack culture of any kind and who are ashamed to be Virginians. As well they should be, because they lack the grace and genteelity that once was Northern Virginia !
by VirginiaBlueBlood August 16, 2005
Down where the South begins !
Virginia is for The FFVs- the true bastillion of the blue blooded Southern Artiocracy. Virginia is full of gracious plantation homes, home to Robert E. Lee, spoonbread, sweet tea, Brunswick Stew, and Country Music Legend Patsy Cline and wonderful singer-songwriter Meade Skelton. Many Yankees and tranplants who are jealous of this heritage out of ignorance will put old Virginia down. And even try to change our glorious state song. But we shall pervail !
by VirginiaBlueBlood August 16, 2005

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