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A "starter castle" that has the potential to be very nice if built on acres of land with a long, winding driveway to get to it but looses it all when it's at an arm's length of the neighbors house.
I can't believe they built four McMansions were the old man Farnsworth's house used to be.
by Virginia December 31, 2003
Having qualities of or like Suboe. Therefore, any indication of being a freak.
Person 1: Wow, that kid sure is acting really subouic.
Person 2: I know, what a freak.
by Virginia January 20, 2005
a game where you must talk like a game show host NO MATTER WHAT. Contributed by BAH and BA_E
by virginia January 25, 2004
Some one especially horny, wanting to get down someone's pants.
I was downpant when I saw him.
by Virginia January 02, 2003
a prolonged, non-challantely executed, mother of all gas releases, bile smelling FART! usually done in movie theatres or other dark places by virginia
Fuck virginia, you fuluptuate like a bad ending to a tiger fuck fest!
by virginia April 22, 2003
Used as a quick cover-up when you sneek away from a party to hook up with a hottie and want to keep it to yourself.
I swear guys we were just TALKING!
by Virginia August 12, 2004
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