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Pag pasok ng titi sa tunnel of love...
or kung ikaw ay lalaki sa pwet ipinapasok ang burat...
Present tense- KINAKANTOT or nag kakantutan
Past tense-KINANTOT Or Kumantot
fucked- Nakantot
Slang word for kantot- kangkang
Pare wala si kumare mo mag kantutan muna tayo sa room ko...

Pare kangkangan tayo mamaya ok?
by virgil December 04, 2003
The act of lounging in public with no underwear and a half hard penis, positioning your leg in a fashion to where your penis is exposed in a way that seems accidental to the onlooker.
I was at the beach the other day and pulled a Sleepy Sailor and saw this chick staring at my chubby up my shorts!
by Virgil September 01, 2004
the greatest story ever written. it has suspense, violence and more, and all this in the first 289 lines, the latin gcse set text!
"When i get a job, I want to translate Virgil for a living"
by Virgil March 01, 2005
Slang for cooter, vagina.
I told that bitch to shut up or I'd kick her in the coot coot. Yeah...
by VIRGIL January 28, 2005

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