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4 definitions by Viral

Moleman, AKA Dipesh Khandu is an utter idiot and complete moron. It is rumoured that he has an octopussy and likes to rape old men.
Yuk moleman, you have scaly skin.
Moleman, you're a fag.
by viraL April 21, 2005
A deranged dutchman who loves all types of pornogrophy.
KuroKy! Stop looking at Fury Pr0n!
by Viral August 14, 2004
1. Used to greet or initate a conversation; 2. An exclamation of suprise
1. Whuddup, brother 2. Whoa whoa whoa! Whuddup?
by Viral August 01, 2003
Candle Jack, a supernatural villain who abducts anyone who says his name aloud. He is a character from the cult favorite cartoon show, "Freakazoid!".
"Candle who?"

"Candle Jack!"

*Candle Jack appeares and ties them up with rope.*
by Viral January 03, 2006