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It is frequently yelled/screamed/shouted/bellowed just prior to smashing into the ground at unholy speeds or as a wild battle cry before plunging head-first into an impossible battle. When combined with a question mark it becomes a question, quite reminiscent of the sounds monkeys make when establishing the well-being of other monkeys. With fewer aaaaaaaaaaaaa's it becomes a less powerful exclamation of adrenaline-fuelled anger/insanity, suitable for minor tasks, such as battles involving units of people at merely platoon level, rather than hordes.
Bajaaaaaaaaaaaa! We go to battle!
Baja? Is there something wrong?
by Viper 1 December 15, 2004
Made from the pelts of preferably young Wookies from their native world of Kashyyk. Their hair contains hallucinogenic and euphoric properties. Highly addictive and causes massive loss of bowel movements, thus expelling all expellable bodily fluids.
Lets have a wook before we go.
by Viper 1 December 15, 2004

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