5 definitions by Vipeezy

the act of ending any phrase or comment with "silly dilly willie nelson style"
Jizzon: You guys ready to play some golf.

Peezy: Oh for sure. I'm gonna slap them, "silly dilly willie nelson style."
by Vipeezy May 21, 2008
a person who is cheap
Me: Did you ask Sam if he wants to go to the warriors game tomorrow?

Danny: Yeah, but he's just being a guj.
by Vipeezy May 19, 2008
Something you say when you're buzzed and intoxicated.
When you see a group of girls walking down the street who are looking fine, yell out "oyhr" to get their attention.
by vipeezy October 15, 2008
describe any person who has a stupid amount of money

Sam: I'm about to buy a yacht today.

Dizzan: You just a "really big b."
by Vipeezy September 16, 2008
describe any person who has a lot of money and is doing well for themself.
Sam: I'm about to get a 6 series next week.

Dizzan: You just a "big ass b."
by Vipeezy May 21, 2008

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