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1 definition by Violet Saintcrow

Benn is a name given to a man who has a very large penis. In his spare time he likes to use that huge penis to bring glory to woman, who are normally aged 19-40. He is seen by others as a god and is said to have godly powers in the bedroom, usually giving women atleast 5 orgasims. Their usual followers are women with 40 inch bottoms (no that isnt funny) and unearthly large boobs. Appearence wise, those who are given the name Benn also have a heavily muscled body and an extreamely good ass.

Benn u know who u are.......i cant believe i typed that for u.
"Wow look at that benn"
"He's such a benn"
"I heard that Fiona's boyfriend was a right benn!"

by Violet Saintcrow February 10, 2008
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