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Derived from the saying : uno momento. Emo momento is basically an emo moment. Its anytime you say or do anything that makes you seem like an emo kid, but its only temporary.
Kid 1: this song is depressing. The lyrics touch my soul at the deepest depths and make me want to bleed black.

Kid 2: wow dude. I think you just had an emo momento.
by Violet Jade July 11, 2010
Sac tooth is when a female really craves the cock, usually in the form of a blow job. Similar to how those who crave sugar are said to have a sweet tooth.
Man: hey, wanna fuck?
Woman: nah, I kind of have a sac tooth tonight.
by Violet Jade July 11, 2010
Used in place of the word shit. Shizz can be a good or bad thing.
My girlfriend is a really bitch. I'm tired of this shizz.

I love this pizza. Its the shizz.
by Violet Jade July 11, 2010

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