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A term used in the show Metalocalpyse on Episode 1.4 (Dethtroll) by Toki and Skwisgaar to describe old-fashioned, ancient, out of style accoustic guitars- which according to them, should be avoided at all costs because they're apparently for pussies and grandpas. It can be used in the singular and plural sense, due to its pseudo-Nordic roots.
Murderface: What are those wooden things? Chairs?
Barkeep: They are acoustic instruments.
Toki: What is acoustic? Oh, you mean a grandpa's guitars?
Skwisgaar: A grandpa's guitars? That's for pussies and grandpas. I think you know it.
Barkeep: It's your only choice, I'm afraid.
Pickles: Whoa, this is a tough one guys.
Nathan: Pickles is right, we have a tough choice. Playing acoustic is totally lame and not metal. But then again, if we don't put that troll back to sleep, we may never be able to check our e-mail with high-speed DSL again.

Skwisgaar: (referring to lake troll) Dudes, here comes that guy!
Nathan: Wait! The phones! Use the Dethphones! Throw them at that guy!
by VioLush April 23, 2007
A word coined by VioLush, pedificular means similar to the behaviors/doings of a pedophile, or similar to a pedophile in general. It is generally used as an adjective but can also be used as an adverb, i.e. pedificularly.

1. Hey John, your trenchcoat is pedificular!

2. Coach Tucker admitted his admiration for me, and I could tell that he meant it pedificularly. I think I'm going to seek therapeutic help this time.

3. Crikey! As you can see, the pedificular human lurks in dark basements, weighs about 250 pounds, and still lives with his parents. This specimen is a rare one! Look at him go outside to stalk children at a playground! You can tell by his scraggly facial hair and lack of female companions that he is definitely on the prowl for young poon tonight.
by VioLush April 15, 2007

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