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The meaning of Bish is a Fish and a Bitch
A fish usually stinks, smells, has bad odor, and usually come from Bangladesh. A couple of Bangladesh decent girls are mean and called Bitches, but they stink, smell and have bad body odur to go along with it
Sanjana: blah blah your so blah blah blah blah blah ( yapping)
Joshua ( in his thoughts): damn she's such a bitch -_- and her breath fucking stinks
Sanjana: joshuaa your soo dumbb
Joshua: your sucha bitch, and seriously your breath stinks, brush it 5 times a day PLEASE !
Sanjana: hmph
Joshua ( in his thoughts): finally she shut up!
Sanjana: Joshuaaa :@ did you touch my ipod?
Joshua: yeah :$
Sanjana: yap yap yap yap
Joshua: wow she's a bitch and she smells liek a fish....
Sanjana: joshua i told you liek to never touch my ipod
Joshua: k i wont now quit being a bish
Sanjana: a bish?
Joshua: yes a bish
Sanjana: whats that?
Joshua: your a bitch and a fish... BISH bitchh
Sanjana: ohh:$ ( gigglez... then farts)
Joshua: SERIOUSLY? fucking bish.. m leaving -_-
by Vinthulan23232 March 29, 2011

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