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A hard-core (some will say punk rock, goth, garage rock revival, or grunge) band from the Bay Area that was formed at 2001 with Joel Chatriagy, Karen Hilks, and Ethan Garnier. This straight edged band isn't well-known in California but locals enjoy there hard-hitting music and angry, morbid lyrics such as "Dead Matrimony."

Joel Dagrele was born in Palo Alto, CA, March 18, 1987, whose childhood had been rough. He lived with his father, stepmother, and his four siblings. Dagrele was abused by his father and his siblings and he had been addicted to several drugs before he was 14. At the tender age of 13, he bought an electric guitar and found a way to avoid drugs. A year later, he formed The Sins with his best friends, Ethan and Karen. He became the guitarist, the vocalist, and the songwriter. When he turned 15, he got divorced with his parents and he was adopted by the Chatriagy's. Most of Joel Chatriagy's lyrics is about his childhood and his wrath inside of him.

Karen Hilks was born in Oakland, June 04, 1987. Unlike Joel, she had a perfect childhood except for one thing. She belonged to a rich clan and lived with her mother and father as an only child. When she was 4, she moved to Palo Alto and this leads to 10 years of ballet, theater, and singing experiences. In 1992 Months before The Sins were formed, she was sexually molested by an unknown man. Though she was raped, Hilks was still strong. Her encouraging high school sweetheart lead her to play fast, hard beats, sing her angelic vocals out, and write songs about love, lust, and tragedies. She is mainly compared with Amy Lee of Evanescence and Ringo Starr but I praise her for her legacy. Especially Joel Chatriagy, who has remained her boyfriend for 4 years.

Ethan Garnier was born in November 11, 1986 in Palo Alto. He lived with 9 of his siblings with his LSD addicted mother and his alcoholic father. His other siblings influenced Ethan to take illegal drugs. As a living, his father, Samuel, sold marijuana and his mother, Betsy, was a stripper. The Garneir's wild ways didn't do any good. They were evicted from their home, they were homeless for more than three months, and Samuel was arrested for possession of marijuana. His father was sent to jail for 20 years. When Ethan turned 13, his health was in danger. 46% of his lungs were black and it almost lead him to cancer. He quit his addiction as quickly as he could to save his own life and he was lucky enough to be alive. At that same year, he picked up a bass and started playing. After a year with experience, he joined The Sins as the outrageous bassist.

The Sins are the gods of a new revolution. They're shows are loved by Californian locals across the Bay Area for they are entertaining and it's pure nirvana for rebellious or pissed off kids. With the divine strums of Joel Chatriagy, the legendary beats of Karen Hilks, and the attention worthy sounds of the bass of Ethan Garnier, The Sins music spirals to satisfaction.
"...bleeding scarlet on my porcelain skin
the pain that you so wanted to win
and the death of my bride and her sin..."
by Vintage Pin-Up November 05, 2004

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