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The quality of being asshattish; churlishness
Stop this asshattishness at once, you little fucktard, or I'll stop it for you.
by Vinnie the Shark May 27, 2009
1) when asshats marry
2) hooking up trailers or other people via asshitch
My IQ 85 cousin's getting married and he wants me to RSVP. Wanna come to the asshitchery with me? Free cake...
by Vinnie the Shark May 27, 2009
impending asshattishness; the momentum of human stupidity
Grinning, Ira brought the razor out and gestured with it to the sleeping cat. The asshatocity in the room was chokingly palpable.
by Vinnie the Shark May 27, 2009
the quality of being like a buttplug; essentially, the quality of being uncomfortable to be around or a pain in the ass.
John's a real asshat. I wish he'd lay off the all the buttpluggishness and get back to work.
by Vinnie the Shark May 27, 2009
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