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The name given to a mental condition effecting young adults who feel the inclination to put on clothes back to front (not inside out) and walk around backwards. They may also repeat verbal expressions such as “I’m the backwards man” and “can you walk back as fast as I can” during this behaviour.

The condition is concerning and may result in personal injury if it remains untreated.

The individual should be kept away from mirrors.

The condition is believed to be caused by extreme periods of idleness or boredom.
After two years of living as a hermit Terry was spotted shopping in ASDA with his Police uniform on back to front. He wasn’t aware at this stage that he was demonstrating key symptoms of the Backwards Man Syndrome.
by Vindows Wertex October 05, 2006
Condition exemplified by a favourable outsourcing race whereby the head wobbles about like a bladder on a stick when making conversation.

Wadder Wadder = sound of language used.

Thunderbird = body language movement used (like a Thunderbirds puppet).
Joy said to her friend "hey look, that man is demonstrating the wadder wadder thunderbird movement we talked about" in that restaurant.

Imagine moving your head from left to right and chanting 'no,no,no,no,no, balti' while at the same time suspending your arms in the air like a puppet.
by Vindows Wertex September 25, 2006
The term given to the activity of individuals who communicate regularly using mobile phone text messaging.
Jeff uses Text Tennis when he can't be bothered engaging in vocal conversation with his girlfriend.
by vindows wertex February 04, 2008
The name given to solid carrot shape formations passed by humans from the bowel into a loo. Also know as Rusty carrots.
As Johnny flushed the toilet he waved goodbye to his long but not forgotten bowel carrots.
by vindows wertex September 16, 2007
Term used for a thick dairy product that once consumed can generate wild and someones exotic dreams or cheese as its commonly known.

It can be found in block or grated forms.
...as Charlie ordered his spud he added "excuse me sir, can you give me a double portion of the dream generator please"
by Vindows Wertex October 06, 2006
Going to the toilet for a wee.
Merlin said to Arthur, give me five minutes mate, I'm just going to spill some urine or my acid bag is going to pop!
by Vindows Wertex October 05, 2006
See also bowel carrots.

Basically the same thing, but describes the turd(s) after it passed into a second environment e.g. bog, public bin, tesco bag, bush etc.

Can be associated with human or animals.
I was walking the dog in the park one day when I came across a group of rusty carrots. Once I trod on one of them, breaking the skin, I began to realise these fellas were delivered by no human!
by vindows wertex September 16, 2007

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