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(1) A Pokemon that cannot learn any moves besides Harden, and tackle if you've evolved it from a Caterpie. Will evolve to Butterfree at lvl. 10

(2) A useless person who rarely moves outside his house, likes to stay in and his head is impenetrable to matters outside his computer.

(3) A "has-been." Used to go around doing physical activities, but now stays immobile and lazy. May one day become fit again.
ex.1 "Dammit Joe you're like some kind of Metapod nowadays.

ex.2 The celebrity is now a Metapod, but hopes to one day be a Butterfree.

ex.3 "You're more useless than the time my Caterpie evolved to a Metapod!"
by Vincenzul October 02, 2007
A person who overeats nonstop, and is often bullied by others, and when given the opportunity, strikes back by eating them; a fat nerd
ex.1 The man had been a Pac Man all his life, running away, eating his fears, and striking back, and back again.

ex.2 He became a Pac Man ever since Ms. Pac Man left him.
by Vincenzul October 02, 2007

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