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Mr. Warlow, is a very... intriguing human being. Not the nicest creature, by any means, and talks and walks like he has something stuck up his ass. He hasn't been laid in 5 years and he has a "wife."
Me: Mr. Warlow won't let me print a paper for English. D':
My Significant Other: How come?
Me: It needs to be for "educational use only".
My Significant Other: ._. What a Mr. Warlow...He's such an ass!
by Vincent the Cressant October 11, 2011
The most annoying way for lazy people and 11 year old British kids to say what.
Simon: Would you like a dictionary?
Lewis: A wat?
Simon: *ahem* A slap to the face?
by Vincent the cressant March 14, 2011

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